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Production awards: Top three achieved 30.98 w/s/y

Topigs Norsvin producers yet again illustrated the importance of a good genetic platform in achieving excellent production results. In the production year 2019, the top three producers achieved an impressive 30.98 w/s/y, with the top 25% of producers coming in at 29.90 w/s/y and the top 50% achieving a very good 29.09 w/s/y.

The Topigs Norsvin Africa Pork Event was concluded with an award ceremony to acknowledge producers for their achievements across different categories.

Top 10 sow unit winners

This year’s top sow unit, based on pigs weaned per sow per year, went to GHB Farms Rooipoort, with Malanda Piggery taking the second place and GHB Farms Spitskop the third.

GHB Farms Rooipoort took the first prize for the top grower unit, Walt Landgoed Leeuwkuil came in second with Malanda Piggery claiming the third position in this category based on finisher performance and throughput.

The award for most kilograms sold per sow per year, with an impressive 2479kg was taken by Malanda Piggery with Butt Farming closely in second place and GHB Farms Rooipoort coming in third.

Top 10 grower unit winners

Finally, the sow units which showed the greatest improvement in production year on year was also awarded for their achievements. Within South Africa this prize went to Glenelly, while Westend farms from Cameroon took the trophy in the rest of Africa.

Topigs Norsvin South Africa would like to congratulate all award winners for the outstanding results achieved during 2019

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