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Spectacular lineup at Africa Pork Event

The Topigs Norsvin Africa Pork Event was held on 11 March 2020 at the Maslow Hotel in Menlyn. Upholding its high standard, this years’ event once again offered a spectacular lineup and was well attended by more than 200 guests from across Africa.

Grant Walling, Senior Genetic Scientist Topigs Norsvin International facilitated the event, welcoming a range of speakers from across the world to share their knowledge and expertise on various subjects. Topigs Norsvin South Africa’s launch of the TN70 parent sow in the African market, however, took centre stage opening the door to a new era in African pork production.

Tor Arne Sletmoen, Regional Director, Topigs Norsvin International shared Topigs Norsvin’s vision on doubling progress worldwide. Firstly, by doubling the Topigs Norsvin genetic footprint and secondly by doubling genetic progress on commercial level. All through partnerships with stakeholders in the industry across the globe.

Andrew Reeders and Lihandi van Niekerk from Topigs Norsvin South Africa introduced the TN70 to the audience. A sow with a unique balance between prolificacy, efficiency and productivity which will hit commercial farms in May 2020. Lihandi also shared results of the local product trial conducted with the TN70. The sow showed to give large and heavy litters at birth and weaning. Further the contribution of this sow to finisher pig performance is evident, with fast growing finishers reaching heavier weights at slaughter with leaner carcasses resulting in excellent grading. The TN70 together with the TN Tempo forms the ultimate combination for producing the most output against the lowest cost, a combination unrivaled.

John Eggert, Chief Development Officer, Topigs Norsvin USA took a closer look at how natural selection for enhanced robustness to disease challenges is incorporated in the breeding goal for the TN Tempo. An attribute giving TN Tempo sired offspring a competitive advantage under diseased challenged production systems.

Looking at pork production from a different perspective, Caroline Mitchel, Global Meat Scientist, Topigs Norsvin International emphasized the importance of the consumer in the existence of the industry. She discussed the role of the genetic company, producers and processors in optimising the supply chain to ensure a good eating quality for consumers.

Barry Kerkaert, Vice President, Pipestone USA gave an overview of the US pork industry. He explained where Pipestone fits in and how farmers’ needs have led them to grow and develop their business and the way they work with farmers over many decades.

Finally, Dawie Maree, Head of Information and Marketing at FNB Agriculture looked at the effect which global and local activities has on the agricultural sector and the medium-term outlook for the industry in SA. His take home message was that changes in our environment is inevitable and it is important to stay informed and adapt your business to stay relevant and keep surviving.

Topigs Norsvin South Africa values the support of each attendee for their contribution in making the Africa Pork Event 2020 a great success.

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