Topigs Norsvin and COVID-19

The world is in an unimaginable crisis. COVID-19 or coronavirus is one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced. The crisis affects everybody, everywhere, and is creating considerable uncertainty and worries.

At Topigs Norsvin, just as in the rest in the pork business, the effects are clearly noticeable. Many of our local offices are located in regions heavily hit by the virus. Our employees and their families directly experience the impact of the crisis. And the same is true for many of our customers. Our thoughts are with them, and we wish them the strength they need to endure this.

The COVID-19 crisis influences how we have to work. We work from home, and use video conferencing and other technology to stay in touch with each other and with our customers. We try to keep on doing our work as much as possible.

We are there for our customers, the pork producers of the world, and everybody else who needs our help in these troubled times. We are committed to supporting and supplying our customers as normal, even though that is hard to achieve. By doing this, we play our part in the food supply.

Topigs Norsvin wants to thank everybody who fights this disease and crisis with all their energy, commitment, and heart. We believe in innovation, science, perseverance, and joint efforts. Let us hope that all of this brings us better times soon.

Stay safe and healthy. Take care of each other.
Topigs Norsvin

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