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Topigs Norsvin welcomes Jancke Krynauw to the Technical & Client Support Team as Nutritionist.

Jancke started working for Topigs Norsvin in 2016 as a student at Rietfontein Nucleus, Villiers. After three months she was appointed as farrow house manager and later took on the additional responsibilities of the weaner houses, performance testing and boar selections. In May 2020 she assumed the position of manager of Rietfontein Nucleus at which time she became responsible for overseeing the day-to-day execution of the breeding program and ensuring genetic and production targets are achieved.

During her time at Rietfontein Nucleus she completed a MSc degree in Animal Science – Reproduction Physiology at the University of Pretoria under the supervision of Prof. Edward Webb. The research was focused on the effect of flush feeding  during  lactation  on  sow  reproductive  efficiency,  litter  size, birth weight and with-in litter variation. She was further supported by a team of specialists from Topigs Norsvin International, which included Dr. Louisa Zak, Dr. Egbert Knol, Henk Janssen, Chris Opschoor and Rodrigo Godinho.

In June 2021, Jancke was promoted to the position of internal nutritionist for Topigs Norsvin South Africa. Jancke Krynauw says,

“The knowledge and practical experience gained from working with Topigs Norsvin genetics on a daily basis together with the support from the Topigs Norsvin International team, geared me for my task to support the pig industry.”

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