The new Delta Norway is taking shape

In Norway the construction of the new Delta test station is in full swing. Construction work on the site near Hamar started in full this spring, and there has been full progress throughout the summer. Now the building rises!

This new testing station replaces the current Delta boar testing station and will increase testing capacity from 3,000 to 5,000 animals per year. Just like Delta Canada and the current test station in Norway this new station will be equipped with IFIR feeding stations for individual feed intake registration and a CT scanner.

The new Delta station offers new data collection opportunities that will significantly improve breeding work. Artificial intelligence developed in the research project Pig Brother will be used to continuously track pigs based on data from surveillance cameras. This will provide unique data about the animal’s state of health and how the animal behaves towards its pen mates. Camera surveillance of all 132 pens in the test station will provide a daily data stream of 4 terabyte, which will be processed and linked to the pig’s DNA.

The new station provides a major health benefit with 100 percent SPF high-health status. The rural location was selected to maintain the highest level of biosecurity, safeguarding the good Norwegian pig health as best as possible.

Delta Norway construction work is set to finish in the spring of 2024.

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