Delta Norway almost ready for use

The latest element in the Topigs Norsvin breeding structure is nearing completion. Boar testing station Delta Norway is a high-tech testing and innovation center for large-scale data capture.

New innovations and an infrastructure designed for large-scale data capture will significantly boost the Topigs Norsvin genetic program. Thanks to the extensive use of sensors, fluctuations in the pig’s environment and behavior will be registered. This will provide unique information about how an animal’s health and behavior are influenced by its environment.

Delta Norway will test 5,000 young TN Duroc and Norsvin Landrace boars per year. This is 2,000 animals more than at the current Delta Norway test station, which will be converted into a unit to house boars for export. Increased testing capacity and new technologies will accelerate genetic progress and make more animals available to meet the growing demand for Topigs Norsvin genetics worldwide.

Construction work at Delta Norway will be completed in June 2024, and if everything goes to plan, the first animals will arrive a month later. Before that, on Thursday, June 13, Delta Norway will be officially opened.

Watch the time-lapse video of the construction of Delta Norway.

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